HTTP Or HTTPS – Which One is Important In Ranking Your Site to Page #1

When Google announces something, it is bound to attract attention of not one but all the concerns. Last year, in the month of August, Google had announced that switching over to HTTPs can bring about a tad in your website ranking. Many companies blindly follow what Google says or recommends but how many consider that why has any step been taken by Google or what made it introduce something new. Merely following that HTTPs would give a boost to your ranking is not sufficient however understanding the difference between HTTP and HTTPs is required more to take the actual advantage.

HTTP v/s HTTPs – the difference

Both HTTP and HTTPs are basic protocols for transmitting and receiving information across the web however there are certain differences that need to be known for actually taking benefit of them. HTTP is an application layer protocol that emphasizes on how the information is showcased and is nowhere concerned about how the data is transferred from A to B. Moreover HTTP does not even remember what happened in the last session too. Since the data volume is less therefore it means increased speed. On the other hand, if we talk about HTTPs, it offers end-to-end encryption i.e. only your computer and the server gets to see what information is transmitted. HTTPs is similar to HTTP but just an advanced version or say secure HTTP.

Which to choose for better ranking?

As mentioned above, HTTP and HTTPs are almost similar since they follow similar protocols however there are certain aspects that make HTTPs more preferred:

  • From SEO perspective – While you compete with any counterpart online for same keywords, adding HTTPs to your domain can do it for you. The Google algorithms tick more when you have an HTTPs added to your domain i.e. it can be a catalyst to gain an edge to secure top ranking in search results. Furthermore, HTTPs being a secure version, it is definitely preferred over the non-secure versions online. You can also take help of best seo expert in india
  • From security perspective – Every piece of information added online must be on a secure platform i.e. it is time to come out of the misconception that only those websites should use secure channels or domains that have to handle sensitive or confidential data or information. Safeguarding and securing the privacy and integrity of any website is inevitable for any company since it is more about preventing intruders to fiddle with the overall communications process. HTTPs is undoubtedly a secure version of HTTP that allows you not only to keep the data secure but to also enhance your Google search ranking.
  • From AMPs perspective – Internet is used more on the go these days rather than on fixed places i.e. mobile phones are the main mediums where searches are made. Whenever there is a revolutionary change in the surroundings, it is better to adapt to it for survival and growth. Similar is the case with AMPs too. AMPs are Accelerated Mobile Pages that are new requirement in the field post Google’s mobile friendly index was introduced. If you truly want to tap the untapped audience then AMP is name of the game. For AMPs to be successful, it has been tried and tested that HTTPs works better than HTTP or say it is a preliminary requirement to have AMPs work effectively.

Once you decide to choose from among HTTP and HTTPs, the answers would undoubtedly vary from company to company and individual to individual. However what remains same is the need to have better ranking in Google search results.

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